True Grit

December 13, 2022

Laurium Capital is an independent, owner-managed business,with the co-founders, Murray Winckler and Gavin Vorwerg, still firmly at thehelm after 14 successful years. Reflecting on the journey from its humblebeginning in 2008, Laurium started its first hedge fund six weeks before theLehman’s crisis, an inauspicious time to start a new venture in financialmarkets, and so had to show their grit as investment managers from the verybeginning. With the loyal support of our investors, many of whom remaininvested today, we have managed to set a steady course over what have been someinteresting and turbulent times in South Africa and markets in general, globally,and domestically.

As the investment team and operational capabilities havegrown, we have expanded our product range in South Africa and the rest ofAfrica to include a fully-fledged range of products across the risk spectrum tomeet the investment needs of our clients. With the acquisition of TantalumCapital in December 2020, we have been able to strengthen the equity,multi-asset, and fixed-income sides of our business as well as growing out ourglobal franchise. The Laurium team now consists of 31 individuals, and ourassets have grown to R46bn, which we feel is a sweet spot for a boutiquemanager in South Africa, being small and nimble enough to take advantage ofmarket movements, while at the same time being relevant and having a seat atthe table. Our differentiated approach to managing money and strong operationalcapabilities have attracted clients not only from South Africa, but also fromother parts of the globe, and foreign investors now account for 47% of ourassets. Our client base is well-diversified across high-net-worth individuals,institutions, and retail investors.

Laurium has built a strong, professional brand in themarket with integrity and client-centricity at its core. Part of our successhas been to cultivate an environment that places the company’s and employees’ethics in alignment with one another. The result is that the team becomes ahighly functional unit, capable of executing its mandate with accuracy andpassion. Being 100% owner-managed and investing alongside our clients, ensuresthat we are completely aligned with our clients’ interests.

While we are proud of the successes that we have had in avery competitive industry, if the markets teach you one thing, it is to behumble. We continue to invest with passion and conviction, aiming to continueto deliver excellent returns for our clients over time.

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