Laurium Africa USD Bond Fund

April 16, 2021
Victoria Gorman, Laurium Capital

The Laurium Africa USD Bond Fund direct US Dollar investment vehicle was launched on the Prescient Global funds ICAV UCITS Platform in April 2021.

Laurium Capital launched the Laurium Africa USD Bond Prescient Fund in South Africa in December 2019 for clients looking for exposure to a pure fixed income Africa CIS fund to achieve competitive USD yields and diversify their portfolios.Due to the significant interest received from offshore investors and South African investors wishing to access the fund in foreign currency, Laurium has registered the Laurium Africa USD Bond Fund, an Irish regulated collective Investments scheme, pursuant to the UCITS Regulations. The Laurium Africa USD Bond Fund is denominated in USD and has received FSCA approval under Section 65 of CISCA.Reasons to invest in African Fixed Income:

  • Attractive risk adjusted USD yields and returns
  • Liquid market, with investible universe of over $120bn and daily liquidity, of around $500mn
  • 20 countries issuing eurobonds across Africa with over 83 different issuances
  • Our Fund is currently offering higher USD Yields than Global High Yield and Global EM Fixed Income
  • Actively managed Fund combining majority Africa eurobonds with opportunistic trades
  • Sovereign-backed drives lower default rates than high yield, both historically and going forward

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