• Time to invest in Hedge Funds

    Laurium Capital (November 2018)

    Flexible, unconstrained and focused on performance

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  • Hedge Funds: Still the doyens of diversification?

    MoneyMarketing (October 2018)

    The theory is simple: include more assets with uncorrelated return profiles, and you’ll improve your risk-adjusted return.

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  • Short Selling: The misunderstood source of alpha

    MoneyMarketing (September 2018)

    The search for alpha in a drifting market.

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  • Laurium leverages an experienced team to find new investment angles

    HedgeNews Africa Third Quarter 2018

    Murray Winckler and Gavin Vorwerg attribute Laurium's success as a boutique manager to its longevity, built by a team with diverse skills and shared passions.

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  • 10 Year Milestone for Laurium Capital

    Laurium Capital (31 July 2018)

    Laurium Capital, the independently owned asset manager based in Johannesburg, celebrated its 10th birthday on 31 July this year.

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  • Laurium Capital launches a reg 28 balanced fund

    MoneyMarketing (January 2017)

    Laurium Capital, an independently owned asset manager based in Johannesburg, entered the South African Multi Asset High Equity sector with the launch of the Laurium Balanced Prescient Fund on 9 December 2015.

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  • What you want from a hedge fund – And how to find it

    MoneyMarketing (22 November 2016)

    The South African hedge fund industry is still relatively small. There is only around R70 billion invested in local hedge funds, which makes it a tiny part of a $3 trillion global industry.

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  • Are retail hedge funds a new asset class?

    MoneyMarketing (November 2016)

    There are now even more opportunities to diversify your investments and that is through retail investor hedge funds (RIHFs).

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  • Multi-asset flexible funds increase in popularity

    MoneyMarketing (October 2016)

    Why has the popularity of multi-asset funds, especially flexible funds, increased over the last few years?

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  • Global search for yield – SA hedge funds a viable option

    MoneyMarketing (September 2016)

    Over the years, international investors have searched for yield and found themselves looking towards Africa.

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  • Flex for the Win

    InvestSA (August 2016)

    South African multi-asset flexible funds have gained in popularity in recent years and the reasons for this are quite clear when one looks at the specific benefits that they can offer investors.

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  • SA Hedge Funds

    Africa Global Funds (August 2016)

    One source of remarkably consistent alpha and attractive risk-adjusted returns has been the South African hedge fund industry.

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  • Is it time to relook at Africa as an investment destination?

    Laurium Capital (July 2016)

    African equities have still managed to outperform SA

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  • Funds On Friday

    Commodities – Observing the fundamentals (24 June 2016)

    The South African market’s performance year-to-date has been predominantly driven by the commodity sector.

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  • Flex for the win

    Fund of the month (May 2016)

    South African multi-asset flexible funds have gained in popularity in recent years and the reasons for this are quite clear when one looks at the specific benefits that they can offer investors.

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  • Know Your hedge Fund Manager

    Money Marketing (May 2016)

    Retail hedge funds are coming to SA. Paving the way for this is regulation that has been in place since April 2015, bringing hedge funds into the ambit of collective investment schemes.

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  • Laurium's Hedge Funds Approved By the Regulator

    Press Release (17 May 2016)

    Laurium Capital, the independent boutique asset manager, today, Tuesday 17th of May 2016, announced the approval of its Market Neutral and Long Short Funds as Retail Hedge Funds by the regulator under the Collective Investments Schemes Control Act (CISCA). This has kick-started a well thought out project plan to transition the funds into compliant Retail Hedge Funds, which is likely to be completed by August 2016.

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  • Understanding Retail Investor Hedge Funds in South Africa under CISCA

    Glacier Funds on Friday (15 April 2016)

    Retail hedge funds are coming to South Africa (SA). Paving the way for this is regulation that has been in place since April 2015, bringing hedge funds into the ambit of collective investment schemes.

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  • Top performance comes from skill

    Blue Chip Magazine (March 2016)

    The Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund celebrates three years with chart topping performance...

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  • Focus on Risk Adjusted Returns

    Blue Chip Magazine (March 2016)

    Blue Chip chatted to Murray Winckler, CEO of Laurium Capital, about how best to understand the forthcoming hedge fund unit trusts.

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  • Laurium Flexible Fund celebrates its three year anniversary

    Laurium (1 Feb 2016)

    The Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund is celebrating its three year anniversary with a chart topping performance. The Fund’s three years of good returns have been achieved by good asset allocation, good stock picking and a strong research process.

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  • 2015, A Year of Significance

    Money Marketing (Dec 2015)

    2015 was certainly a year with a lot of character. Whether it was protesting students, rowdy parliamentary disruptions, China’s slowdown, a crisis in Greece or finding water on Mars; the past 12 months have been exceptionally eventful.

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  • Analysing your Hedge Fund

    Money Marketing (30 November 2015)

    Award winning Hedge Fund Manager, Laurium Capital, highlights important risk and return issues to assess when analysing hedge funds, and shares some insights on how to evaluate whether a hedge fund truly is an alternative investment.

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  • Laurium maintains momentum as it bides time in the eye of the storm.

    HedgeNews Africa Third Quarter 2015

    The Laurium range of funds have performed well in tricky conditions, taking advantage of trading opportunities and short-term inefficiencies to add value.

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  • Implementation Follows Regulation

    Money Marketing (July 2015)

    Hedge fund regulations have been passed, now they must be implemented.

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  • Equities’ leading role

    Money Marketing (31 May 2015)

    Equities are a key generator of performance. Over time, equities are the top performing asset class, and the returns they offer can be much greater than the returns of bonds and cash.

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  • Africa insights from leading portfolio managers

    Money Marketing (March 2015)

    Economies and markets in Africa face challenges – for example Nigeria is affected by the fall in the oil price, and Egypt was affected by the uprising. Liquidity is also a challenge – investors need to be very aware of it.

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  • Flexible Funds not always more risky..

    Money Marketing (March 2015)

    Multi asset fund investors may focus on the returns appropriate asset allocation adds, but stockpicking also contributes to performance.

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  • MoneyWeb Interview with Murray Winckler

    Market Commentator (6 March 2015)

    Murray Winckler – co-founder and portfolio manager at Laurium Capital, on favoured stocks, stock market drivers, the appeal of hedge funds and African opportunities.

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  • Fund Focus

    Finweek Article (22 January 2015)

    As a flexible fund, the fund can invest between 0 and 100% of its portfolio in equities. As such, it is not Regulation 28 compliant.

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  • Africa – an alternative alternative?

    Invest SA (Dec/Jan Issue 2014)

    Any investor worth his salt knows that he should not put all his eggs in one basket, which is why alternative investments have such an important role to play in portfolios.

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  • Digesting the ABIL impact

    Glacier Funds on Friday (24 October 2014)

    ABIL’s (African Bank Investment Limited) shock SENS announcement on the morning of 6 August 2014 threw the South African financial industry into unknown territory.

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  • Can Investors Afford not to invest in Hedge Funds?

    InvestSA (October 2014)

    Markets around the world have been in bull-market territory for five years now, with stocks trading at record highs.

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  • It's Good to back Yourself

    Money Marketing (September 2014)

    Murray Winckler is Director at Laurium Capital, which he started in 2008 after 12 years at Deutsche Bank, South Africa, the last three as CEO. He is a CA (SA) and CFA.

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  • Focused on Performance

    Money Marketing (July 2014)

    Increasing assets from R33bn to R42bn in 2013 represents impressive growth for the local hedge fund industry in 2013.

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  • Platinum - where to next?

    Invest SA (July 2014)

    The global platinum market is undergoing structural shifts that have left South Africa's platinum industry smaller than it was a decade ago.

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  • Newcomer Laurium has strong debut

    Financial Mail (April 2014)

    A NEWCOMER to unit trusts has had a strong debut. The R170m Laurium Flexible fund returned 35,1% in the 12 months to March.

    It came top of the flexible asset allocation sector, beating such stalwarts as the Coronation, 36One and Visio funds.

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  • Does size impact alpha generation?

    Glacier Funds on Friday (4 April 2014)

    With the advent of passive ETF’s and other low cost investment alternatives in recent years, fund managers need to prove their Alpha generating abilities and fund of fund managers are under more pressure to select top performing managers.

    The list of factors to consider when selecting a fund manager or fund for investment are relatively obvious - performance, risk, fees, experience and reputation of the investment team and investment style and philosophy are typically the boxes to tick through – but what about the simple measure of size as measured by assets under management?

    Is size a key advantage to alpha generation or an obstacle?

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    FinWeek (April 2014)

    While still new and relatively small, the Laurium Flexible Prescient Fund is being run by a team of investment professionals that have been around the block a few times, both by way of investment banking and hedge fund management. As it is a flexible fund, the manager can default to cash if the market looks overvalued, or if there are a lack of good opportunities in which to invest.

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  • The Changing Face of the Hedge Fund Industry

    InvestSA (April 2014 Issue)

    Are hedge fund managers really high-rolling risk-takers who drive fast cars and take expensive holidays, cynically earning high performance fees off investor capital when the going is good before giving back their diminished assets when things go awry?

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  • Laurium’s Okavango sets robust pace as Chobe, Zambezi funds enrich performance

    HedgeNews Africa (First Quarter 2014)

    Johannesburg-based Laurium Capital has reached the five-year mark with the dollar-based long/short fund that it advises, which combines exposure to South Africa and the broader Africa continent, and has launched a new product with increased African exposure in response to client demand.

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  • Hedge Funds - Watch this Space

    Glacier Funds on Friday (November 2013)

    There exists a popular misconception that hedge funds are volatile creatures that use an array of creative strategies to place large directional bets on stocks, currencies, bonds and commodities while using excessive leverage. In reality, hedge funds are misunderstood and often not understood at all...

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    HedgeNews Africa (Third quarter 2013)

    The new unit-trust launch follows that of a more aggressive long short fund, sharing the same research team as the firm builds on its proven process...

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    Invest SA (April 2012)

    Do you think Africa currently offers good opportunities for SA investors? Yes, I believe it does...

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  • Africa Opportunities

    Africa FM (Jan 2012)

    Gavin Vorwerg, co-founder and portfolio Manager of Laurium Capital talks to Africa FM about the regionalistion of the African investment market...

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    Hedge News Africa (Fourth Quarter 2011)

    Consistently beating benchmark returns in this year’s perilous equity markets, Laurium claims a standard investment style...

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    Invest SA (April 2011)

    Laurium Capital is an alternative asset manager...

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    HedgeNews Africa (December 2010)

    Johannesburg-based Laurium Capi¬tal achieved two significant mile¬stones this month, with the Laurium Zambezi Fund passing the one-year hurdle and its Laurium Capital sub-Saharan African Fund reaching the two-year mark...

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    HFMWeek Special Report (2010)

    Murray Winckler of Laurium Capital sees the Hedge Fund Industry in South Africa grow significantly in the next five to ten years...

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    Africa Hedge (August 2008)

    Johannesburg-based Laurium Capital is launching its long short South African equity fund on 1 August, headed by experienced ex Deutsche duo Murray Winckler and Gavin Vorwerg...

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Three year performance 2015

HedgeNews Africa Awards 2015

Three-Year Performance (Single Manager)

Laurium Aggressive Long Short Fund

Pan africa and 2015

HedgeNews Africa Awards 2015

Pan-Africa and MENA (Long/Absolute Return)

Laurium Limpopo African Equity Fund

Pan africa and mena (hedge)

HedgeNews Africa Awards 2014

Pan-Africa and MENA (Hedge)

Laurium Chobe Sub-Saharan Long Short Fund

South african equity

HedgeNews Africa Awards 2014

South African Equity

Laurium Aggressive Long Short Fund

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International Hedge Fund Awards 2014

Sub-Saharan Investment Manager of the Year

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HedgeNews Africa Awards 2013

Fund of the Year

Laurium Aggressive Long Short Fund

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HedgeNews Africa Awards 2013

Pan-Africa and MENA (Hedge)

Chobe Sub-Saharan Long Short Fund

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Africa Fund Manager Performance Awards 2011

Equity Hedge Fund of the Year

Zambezi Fund

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HedgeNews Africa Awards 2011

Pan-Africa and MENA - Hedge

Zambezi Fund

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HedgeNews Africa Awards 2010

Market Neutral and Quantitative Fund of the Year

Laurium Capital Bell Rock Market Neutral Fund

Award logo 2010

HedgeNews Africa Awards 2010

New Fund of the Year

Zambezi Fund


  • Why is investing in a hedge fund different to other investments?

    25 November 2016

    by Liberty, Moneyweb

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